Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random Links

"I believe WRAPZ will benefit everyone in sports and everyday life."

Michael Jordan
Athlete Of The Century

I'd like to thank Wrapz for aiding my speedy recovery from the latest knee sprain. I hesitated in the aisles of Rite-Aid. It seemed like a lot to pay for a glorified ice pack, but Michael Jordan's smiling visage won me over and I wasn't sorry for long.

Did Dwight Jaynes get on the prozac? He offers a very optimistic season preview.

Milkshake has a blog!

Oh shit, we made the Urban Dictionary.

I was googling where to find fresh tortillas in Independence when I ran across this great memoir by Martha Gies, an old friend of my Mom's.
I found the tortillas, by the way, not far from Green Villa at Caniceria mi Casita. 25 of them, homemade that day. Plus a pound of excellent flank steak, a fat avocado, a bunch of garlic, a lime, an onion and a huge bunch of cilantro all for less than $7. Screw West Salem, Independence is where it's at.

Yet another Team WRECK

From a Times article on the global financial crisis :

Aleksander Kluzniak, its chief lobbyist, said he saw no need for a regulatory clampdown on derivatives , like a registry of hedging positions...
“I doubt it would lead to the required results. New types of derivatives or trading techniques would emerge that were not subject to this regulation,” Mr. Kluzniak said.

Just like in pro cycling. Why test for performance enhancing drugs when the racers will just move on to the next one? Floyd Landis = Merrill Lynch = Bill Bellicheck

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