Monday, November 03, 2008

Capsule Movie Reviews!

Religulous - Jaden's Grandpa, Bop (a fairly liberal Roman Catholic), suggested that the 3 of us see this together and have a discussion afterward. We ended up talking about politics instead but the movie was good. I doubt it will change many minds though. What's the opposite of preaching to the choir? Cursing towards the atheists? Asking difficult questions of the agnostic? It was like that but also funny.

Into the Wild - I devoured this book, staying up late to finish it even though I knew how it ended. Maybe that's why I waited so long to see the movie, I didn't want to be let down. For once I wasn't. The photography was fantastic and the casting inspired. Hal Holbrook was perfect as Ron Franz. What I did not like was the music. Eddie Vedder does nothing for me. Also, is Slab City a real place? If so I'm putting it on my list of places to visit.

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull or Whatever - Disappointing. I should have watched "Raiders" for the 20th time instead.

Grindhouse : Deathproof + Planet Terror - Awesome. Kurt Russell was great and I really appreciate seeing Rose McGowan in both films.

House of Games : Not as good as I had remembered it. I almost hope The Spanish Prisoner never comes out on DVD.

Charlie Wilson's War - Another book I enjoyed. The movie was more of a trifle but Phillip Seymour Hoffman was terrific as usual.

Superbad - Hilarious. I finally get all the McLovin refernces I've heard over the past year. I watched this one twice and laughed just as much the second time.

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revphil said...

yeah, my friends visited Slab City near Mexicali. on their way home to Oakland the annoying piece of sheet border patrol decided to detain them for days. They pulled out a bunch of drugs and demanded to know whose they were. My friends had been in the desert for over a week. They had resorted to smoking banana peels. They had been out of drugs for most of their time. No way anyone could have held out, so it was obviously planted evidence. Most irradiating is that the bus they were traveling in never crossed any border. I think they came within 50 miles at the closest point. That is the nature of jackholes guarding our southern border.