Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Steve Nash


tiah(dactyl) said...

heelarious! but who is he? ha!

Cory said...

oh tiah, you are so funny. steve nash basically tells barak obama what to do.

tiah said...

excerpt from barack's speech writing sessions: cu on steve nash sitting in a leather armchair with a yellow legalpad
hey barack! do you like my vitamin water?
bo: yeah, its alright.
sn: its three times the kick!
bo: ok, so what about this speech? can we do it?
sn: yes we can! but can you hand me a vitamin water first?
barack looks at steve suddenly thats'it! can we do it?
sn: um, yeah i said we can, but i'm thirsty.

i have schooled myself in the ways of nash since the viewing of this funny video. unfortunately for me he is married. pfft. stupid nice and funny nba stars already being married! i don't even like phoenix!