Friday, November 28, 2008

photo update

I almost forgot I had a camera.

View from my bathroom window. Sometimes I pretend I'm in Tuscany.

Crazy light at sunset.

Natty in the orchard.

Baby beefa makes my list of top ten toddlers. She's hilarious and so polite!

Dabby finally realized his long talked about dream of bacon wrapped bacon. In this case rare flank steak wrapped in bacon marinated in honey wrapped in bacon marinated in black pepper. 

I found this photo buried on the memory card. One sunny afternoon this spring the phone would not ring at Magpie. I was working with Meghan, Dee and A.J. One of us suggested that we should call off work and have a cookie party instead. We had a quick nextel poll : who makes the best cookie in central Portland? The answers : the Pearl, Pearl, Pearl Bakery, Pearl. So we went there. 

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