Thursday, November 20, 2008

Capsule Reviews!

The Wire, season 5
Somehow I forgot to watch the last season of the greatest TV show ever.
I want more. The wrap up was solid, though, and I was glad to see a few characters turned out OK. Now I can catch up with Heaven and Here.

Let me say first of all that I'm glad Robert Downey Jr. is finally a big movie star, he's earned it. Jaden talked this film up so much that I might have been a little underwhelmed. I did have problems seeing Jeff Bridges as a super villain, he'll always be The Dude to me. I think the final 10 seconds were my favorite part. "I am Ironman", and cue the Black Sabbath. Awesome.

Snowflake Ritz
As you well know Ritz is the official snack of Team Wreck. I was stunned when I saw this new product on the endcap of my local Roth's. So stunned that I purchased a box. It turned out to be just like normal Ritz but each cracker was 5% smaller. Seems like a ripoff unless you really love snowflakes, then it might be a deal.

Twin Peaks season one
My DVR has been catching this and I had forgotten how great it is. Nadine's silent drape runners, Albert the forensics expert, Audrey's dance at the diner, Cooper's dreams and of course Leland/Bob, super creepy!
"I've got good news, that gum you like is going to come back in style."

30 Rock
The Kid told me I should watch this and he was right. Funny!

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revphil said...

i have been hoping to watch the Trailer Park Boys for some time. the movie was excellent and the deadbabies tell me the show is just as good.

shouldn't you have some Now with Bill Moyers reviews or something from Frontline or at least some BBC content?