Friday, November 28, 2008

more photos

I remembered to carry my camera as I walked around with Natty today.

The camelias are about to bloom.

The hybrid apple had a productive year. I like to think I finally pruned it correctly but it may have been a coincidence.

I don't recall the name of this purple item but it sure stands out in the winter garden.

Edible raspberries on Nov. 28, weird.

The annex, phase one workparty coming up soon.

The over/under needs a little work. Dabby and I agree on the solution : shore up the sides with wood, rebar, logs, etc and add lots more dirt.

Still life with fungus and feathers. I'm not sure what type of bird once posessed these feathers but it met a violent end. They were scattered everywhere.

This is the beginning of a new trail. I blazed it with a machete a few weeks ago and then Dabby, Jaden and I roughed it in last weekend. These photos aren't very descriptive but the trail goes both ways around this oak...

then down a little drop and into a tight bermed corner leading into a straight section with some dirt ramps built over logs.


Anyone know the name of this little tree with bright orange fruit? Or maybe those are flowers?


plankface said...

the purple one is beautyberry (callicarpa something).

Cory said...

arbutus unedo-strawberry tree. (i think) show me where it is next time and hopefully we can positively id.

joel said...

feathers look like coopers hawk, oddly enough. definitely some kind of raptor, though. maybe one that caught something out of its league.

joel said...

oh yeah - and dont forget grass seed as a stabilizer for the over-under to tie everything together...

the-dolomite said...

I thought they looked like hawk feathers too but what would eat a hawk? A bigger hawk? A coyote?

I don't think we'll need grass seed, we used a bunch of dirt from the edge of the orchard so I expect about 1000 filbert trees to sprout in the spring and they have some vigorous roots.

Minister of Erosion said...


If you see hawk remains, they probably died of either natural causes, or man made causes..

It was probably eaten by another animal after it was dead.

Out here near the compound, I find dead hawks (sadly) fully intact, like they just fell out of the sky....