Friday, March 06, 2009

another day in the woods

I've been thinking about this cut through for a while. It's a tricky, narrow line in between the rootballs of two fallen trees.

This picture doesn't do it justice, it's scary to drop into.

I've been fighting the blackberries in this clearing north of the rat's nest.

The trees nearest the rat's nest have been gnawed away. Coincidence?

I can't tell if it's getting bigger...I should measure every year.

Here's another nest. Now that I'm looking I see them everywhere.

I'm tempted to get Natty to stick her nose in there and see what happens.

I found this bone while working on the new Burial Mound trail.

More artifacts from the woods.

The pond, stage one. I got an estimate from a guy in the neighborhood to spend 6 hours with his 20,000lb trackhoe. He said he could make the pond 3 times wider and twice as deep (36 ft in diameter, average depth of 8 ft) and pack the dirt into a crescent shaped berm 6 ft high for $800. Seems like a lot of money but I bet he'd do a good job. I don't have to decide right away as he wants at least a week without rain before starting.

Looks like some raccoons were checking out the ditchstyle.

Sometimes I wonder how high the ramp would have to be to ride through this tree.

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