Sunday, March 15, 2009

work party update

More party and less work this time as it started raining Friday night but Mace and Dabby drove down Friday afternoon and we got in some good riding and shaping time in the annex, we were out there until sunset, which seems to get later every day, viva spring!

They were both yelling at me about something and I held the camera outstretched and snapped. I kind of like the composition, with the blackberries and sky and Maces's arm pointing towards the serenity of the open field.

Dabby utilizing his #1 method of communication, pointing and yelling instructions. With that said he did design a nice little jump into a berm option at the end of the ditchstyle.

Here's Mace catching some air off Dabby's creation.

We also rode around in the woods quite a bit. The new Microloop trail met with approval, the new Cut-Through trail was a a bit muddy but with time and a little more axe and shovel work it's going to be fun.

On Saturday Sweet T showed up with Justine, a recent transplant from Victoria and avid mountain biker and polo player. Drew and Justine also brought me an amazing T-Bone steak from Gartner's Country Meats in Portland, highly recommended. They cooked it rare over the fire and served it with garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus with balsamic and lemon and a nice Merlot. I also got a chunk of Dabby's salmon dish, which was somewhat overwrought as usual but quite delicious. All in all a better than average houseguest experience.

As it was too wet to work in the annex Drew, Dabby and I geared up and did some visioning in the woods. We came up with a Y shaped trail in the middle of everything. When completed it will feature two low, wide log bridges, one 17 feet long and one consisting of two 10 foot sections with a turn in the middle. The third branch will be a tricky log ride, starting at ground level and climbing to about 4 feet before turning on a little platform and dropping down a dirt ramp. The entry point is RWD clearing, staying right you exit near the Microloop for a possible figure 8, staying left you hit the log ride and drop into Makeout clearing for a substantial shortcut during a circuit race. Awesome.

There's still lots of work to do but it'll be ready by the Open.

Speaking of, I should restock the bocce balls. Out of two full sets this is all I have left.


Milkshake said...

Looks like a good time indeed. I was bummed I couldn't get some farm time, but now that the weather is nice it might happen more. Eh? eh?

the-dolomite said...

Yeah, the first few weekends in April look good...maybe we could work in a trip to Blackrock or the Dallas Trails too.

Anonymous said...

i want to go to black rock lets do it my birthday is april 7th lets party. Sweet-t

the-dolomite said...

That's a Tuesday, how about April 4-5 or 11-12, you choose, b-day boy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can get the railroad ties down there like Thursday then...

Or even Wed.

So we can bring the trailer back before the weekend.

Anonymous said...

i say 11-12 i want to play polo with brian on his birthday then party in the woods the weekend after. Sweet-t