Monday, March 02, 2009

Mud, trees, dog.

Each red flag is a baby tree.

I planted coast redwoods around the edges.

I cut through the blackberries to see which side of the fence this stately, midsized oak was on. Looking at the picture now I think I should take out the cherry on the right to give the oak some room.

Turns out it is integrated with the fence but I think it started out on my side.

This seems like one of the oldest filbert trees I've seen on the farm.

One of my goals in the annex is to clear these blackberries and move the logs underneath. Maybe put a picnic bench under the tree, or a little tool shed. I could do it with machete and mower but I'm tempted to rent a goat, I want to watch it eat the blackberries. I found this goat for sale but I also saw the ad before it was edited and reposted. It was titled "pet or meat", which would be a good name for a band, and it described the goat as a "wild goat" that had not had human contact for 4-5 years. The goat couldn't coexist with their buffalo herd. If this goat was intimidating buffalo Natty and I wouldn't stand a chance.

We may have some drainage issues.

Natty tries really hard to put herself in every picture.

Are these worm tracks? If so they really get around.

The more firewood I cut off this oak the more it began to look like an expert level log ride. What do you think, Dabby? You've been agitating for this forever.

We could plane it off, maybe add some wood planking, build up entry and exit, remove barbed wire, blackberries and sharp little stumps from the falling zone.

Epic. Or if it doesn't work out that's still some quality firewood.

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