Friday, March 06, 2009

A Letter fram Canada!

"Hellloooo...I don't suppose you'd post info about Bike Prom on your blog for us Victoria bike kids, would you? Would it help if I told you I once slow-danced with a boy to R. Kelly's ignition remix? It was so romantic.... (Editor's note : Yeah, that would help)

Victoria! Fuck yeah! Mark your calendars for the third annual Victoria Bike Prom, April 24, 25, 26!

We're hosting three glorious days of bike events: Bike polo, bike art, bike films, bike spoken word, bike rides, bike race, bike performance troupes, bike bizarro, BIKE PROM,for the locals and beloved bikey out-of-towners. Special additions this year include more rides, with more themes, around more of Victoria, bike fashion, live music for the Prom Ride, and oh oh oh so much more.

Check out for updates on the schedule, billoting, and all things Bike Prom.

Victoria loves you Portland. Please come play with us. And don't forget to exchange your useless american dollars for Bike Prom currency - delicious, nutritious Tilt - before you cross over the 49th parallel.

1 comment:

revphil said...

silly canadian, tilt, having been the victorious underdog to Sparx for the past 4 years has gone cafeene free.

so it, along with sparks are both out in favor of something with more krunk power

behold the new crack juice champion: Four Loco