Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break update

I forgot to take pictures today until we discovered the fabled hermit crab parade. We had read about it in the guest book but I was unprepared for the spectacle that unfolded. Hermit crabs of all sizes, moving with surprising rapidity. An entry in the guest book had spoken of one called Goliath and though I couldn't get a decent picture let me assure you the name is apt. It looked like a freaking dungeoness stuffed inside a conch shell. I was unnerved and quickly retired to the casita to refortify myself with 1800 and Sol.
Other than the giant land crabs it was a fairly uneventful day in paradise, the main attraction being a trip to the Cancun airport to pick up cousin Dan. I find driving in Mexico very stimulating, much like New York City. Lanes, turn signals, stop signs....whatever, man. Just stay loose and keep flowing, like a hot knife through butter.
Tomorrow should be fun, we're planning an early trip to Tulum, hopefully beating the tour buses, then a little shopping for a grill worthy pescado and a stop at Tankah Tres cenote for a swim.
I also hope to make it back to my new favorite taqueria, Lucy's Kitchen. If I ever end up on death row I would have to give serious consideration to Lucy's shrimp tacos and guava smoothie as my last meal.

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tiahdactyl said...

sounds great ryan! giant crabs and all. nice to see photos and hear that you had a good time.