Sunday, June 14, 2009

CMWC Guatemala 2010

I am going to this. Book it.
CMWC Guatemala, September 1-13, 2010
featuring :
La Ocho
A reincarnation of the original “human powered rollercoaster”, a figure-8 bike racing track featuring an “over-under”. The Guatemalan version will be made of clay with a wooden bridge. It will be a featured attraction at CMWC 2010 and serve as the primary pre-event.


Esra said...

Hey Ryan this is Esra from Seattle. I will be in Guatemala real soon, do you know the people who are putting Guate CMWC? Maybe I can visit them... Please e-mail me if you have any info:

LUIS said...

dude! im from GUATE! this is gonna be awesome.. the guys who are booking the whole thing are not from Guatemala, here is my email though if you come to guatemala, and maybe you just want to go for a ride in the city let me know.. and see you at CMWC FOR SURE!

Srvo said...

the guys who will put guate on, are from guate, at least nadir is, he had to move to canada, cuz of an earthquake back in the days... he is some cool fellow, and very very chapin... is his contact, so get in touch, he is a warm fellow!

Nadir said...

Hello Luis
My Name is Nadir OLivet I am from Jutiapa, Jutiapa Guatemala. Were beautiful people come from!!! I am the President of the organization that is hosting the CMWC Panajachel. I been trowing races in Panajachel, Solola for the last 9 years. Most of the people working and volunteering are all Chapines.
I will be in Guatemala at the end of December and all January setting up the CMWC. Please send me and e-mail if you would like to meet to go for a ride and to talk about the Championships.

Commandante Zero

nadir said...

Hey Guys you can register for the CMWC at


Dieter Janssen said...

Hello All

I'm working with Nadir on La Ocho and you can see some developments on the track geometry here: