Saturday, June 06, 2009

scenes from a mini work party

We built up the new Fat Chance for Jaden to ride around. it turned out pretty light as a single speed. It's not for sale but if someone I really like wants to buy it and pledges to go riding with me a bunch I could be convinced to let it go for a good price.

I'm a 24 inch convert. 26ers feel floppy now.

The upshot of my decision to cancel the satellite TV service. I moved most of the crap out of the TV room and made it a guest room. I ended up with two of these Ikea tables that I had no use for and decided to integrate them into the Berms of Endearment trail. This stunt will henceforth be known as "the tabletop".

Jaden and his crab stabbing stick.

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Milkshake said...

We're just about to cancel our tv subscription. We got one of those coupons for a digital box and ended up paying nothing. Now that the Daily Show is online there's no need for cable tv.