Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rickreall Open

The Open starts tomorrow!

The weather may not be ideal, I know some were hoping for 95 and sunny so we could have a pool....but I actually prefer 72 and partly cloudy.

The Berms trail is fast and flowy. Thanks to Dabby for all the digging and shaping. Just for the record Dabby will not be attending this Open in the interest of fostering Team unity and camaraderie, but look for a newish and gradually improving Dabby in the future!

The Annex is primed for big air. Bring pads and helmets. I had a vision for nighttime hijinks that is best described as "twin fire descent"...hard to explain but you'll understand when you see it.

Remember to bring a flashlight, headlamp or lantern, sleeping bag, food to BBQ, beer and ice, mosquito repellent, hay fever meds if you get it (it's pollen city out here), Ipods or records and a BMX or mountain bike.

Also I wasn't joking about the $10 per car parking fee, so be ready for that.

And... Sweet-T and Boston have both inquired as to rides down Saturday night, anyone have extra room?

Plus! Remember to support our sponsor, The Rickreall Mini-Mart located in downtown Rickreall. Or just bring your beer money to the farm and we'll mount a massive expedition with Bob trailer or truck.

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toddyd said...

shit, i need a ride now.