Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rickreall Open 2009 pt.1

Another great Open in the books. A thunderstorm hit Friday night and made most of the trails unrideable but we managed a few time trials Saturday afternoon. It was super slick but still fun. Timmy did the most laps in 2.4 minutes with 9. A bunch of others got 8 including me, Drew, Mace, Matt, Chas and Milkshake, who was wearing a protective boot on his ankle. The road race was canceled due to lack of interest, except from Drew. So maybe Timmy wins. Maybe Drew wins because everyone else forfeit the road race. I'm going to call it a draw, put the small amount of cash raised in the TW Slush Fund and have another Open in the late summer. Let's say August 21-23. It may also be a birthday party for Justine, Tiah, Jefe and any other late August birthdays, we'll see.Canceled in favor of a yoga seminar. Details of the next Open to come.

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