Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rickreall Open 2009 pt.2

The Kid demonstrating his footlock technique.

Much speed scrabble was played. I may have won one game early but once Sarah, Tiah and Misia heated up I was out of my league.

Disco knows a thing or two about starting fires.

Tiahdactyl's description of the weekend, from facebook :

ride ride ride, corndog, tacos, ride ride ride, arrival!,people, dogs, beer beer beer, pump track races, hot dogs, russian salad, biscuits and gravy, hot dogs,beer beer beer, speed scrabble!, bonfire, dance party,sleep, speed scrabble, coffee, chit chat, tree climbing!, little bike ride, sweeping, lunch, departure in a vehicle...

Tiah took a lot more photos than I did, you can see them on her flickr page.

Those young hipsters, touring on track bikes...

Climbing the old oak.

Hodges, Rusty and Bean have a dog party. I made a half hearted attempt to get Natty to pose with them but she wasn't into it. Apparently the queen does not lay down with her subjects.
Bean in the orchard.

Chas and Fox depart for Eugene and San Francisco by Friday.

Check out those sweet Black Star panniers.

Lucky and Sweet T prepare for takeoff.

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eatme said...

Thanks again for having us all out there Ryan! What the heck am I doing in those pictures? Apparently dancing in the orchard? Being ready for my close up? I dunno. Thanks for linking my flickr page. :)
You know what is weird? I was so looking forward to seeing the orchard and I took a couple pictures when Justine and I were heading to the oak tree, but they vanished! C'est bizarre!
Next time I hope you have a stronger speed scrabble presence,and maybe chess? Who knows...Lots of fun was had by everyone, I know that much.