Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do not miss the Veloshop Rickreall Rampage

It is going to be awesome. Team Veloshop came down on Sunday to help me plot and prepare. We ended up going with my course design except instead of going the long way around the Xmas trees the course will hug the woods, minimizing danger to the trees. We also widened and smoothed several parts of the trail and took out all the low hanging branches. I think ducking is an integral MTB skill but I guess it doesn't fly in cyclocross. We also modified the hump and pit into a hump and dip. Both sides are rideable but neither is easy. We cleared all the brush behind the tall ladder and added a log step-up so racers can ride the ladder or climb across the log. We macheted and raked the blackberries along the south and east sides of the woods. We added what Dabby would call a "sittin' log" by the firepit thanks to Uncle Bill and his John Deere 4010. Unfortunately, after pushing some other giant logs around the tractor blew a hydraulic hose and we weren't able to start on the underpass. 
The work party next weekend will focus on the underpass, course layout through the wheat field, a little ditch shaping and lots of shovel, hoe and rake work in the woods.

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