Sunday, September 28, 2008

Veloshop Rickreall Rampage pt. 1

What a crazy weekend. I took over 300 pictures and I'm still deciding which ones I like but here's the first installment.

OBRA surprised me by opening up the RWD for the A race. It's a great short cut but very sketchy. Those that cleared it could move up a place or two. Those that went around got heckled mercilessly.
I sponsored Drew's entry with my volunteer work hours. He was going strong until he blew a sidewall and had to ride flat to the pit. I gave him my Fat Chance, which was great in the woods but a little slow around the orchard with a 34X20 gear.

The overpass held up better than I expected it to but it still required work between every race. Dabby gave himself a promotion from head minion to minister of erosion and did a good job shoring and shoveling.

Scott had good form.

Everyone ducks the first time they ride the underpass.

I took a break from the race to play chess with Baby Beefa. She's still a little vague on the rules but her instincts are good.


jsager said...

That was an impressive set of heckles you guys laid on me, too.

Beefa said...

You never took the make out bridge, So ofcourse heckling was in order. But you did win, so all is forgiven.

John said...

Didn't take the bridges?

Man, we ride those bombed out of our minds.....

Anyone can ride them sober...