Thursday, September 25, 2008

Veloshop Rickreall Rampage!

photo by Cory the Kid

This is going to be a fun weekeend. The course is shaping up. Kenji, the executive director of OBRA stopped by today to walk through the trail. He lives just over the Eola Hills from me and we ride many of the same local roads. Awesome! We walked through the route and he seemed mostly pleased with it. *
*technical notes :
Kenji identified and Dabby and I reconfigured several areas. The knuckle was taken out completely and smoothed over. The leaner right after the RWD was taken out. We're working on widening the top of both ramps on the over/under and stabilizing the whole thing by watering, adding dirt, running/riding and repeating. Both ramps are rideable now for anyone with confidence but for the race there will be a barrier positioned to make it a run up. It'll be open before and after, but be careful, it's a long way down. 

Tomorrow we are working on the ditch style segment, hoping to make it so all beginners can run it and the most skilled can ride it. Also we are pressing on with the widening and stabilazation work on the underpass and addressing the SE corner, a high speed, flat, off camber turn that could send racers skidding right into valuble Xmas trees. Dabby says logs, I say berm, Kenji says bales. We'll see. 
We'll also be working on smoothing anything that can be smoothed.
If you want to help come on down, you're welcome from now until Monday.


Tiah said...

Ryan! It is awesome that you are doing this, and I am looking forward to the race. Thank you!

SlyDog said...

The race was awesome! The Salem area is not usually a hotbed of racing activity, so it was great to have an event so close. Thanks to all those who worked hard to put it on.