Sunday, September 21, 2008

Project Underpass

I had some great pictures of people working, riding, tractors, etc. but that memory card seems to have failed, neither computer will read it. I found another card and tried to recreate the excitement by getting Natty to pose. She's a trooper.

The work party turned out smaller than expected, just me, Uncle Bill and Tad and Meghan from Team Veloshop, but we got it done. 

The tractor broke again, blowing a hydraulic hose and also breaking some welds on the bucket. Bill was able to fix the hose and take one more smoothing run and we finished it with hand tools.

It's a lot more solid than it looks. After a few setbacks Tad and Bill did some improvisational engineering and came up with a 3 piece design that we bolted in place. The 4X4s are socketed deeply into the hard earth and the pressure of the ramps on both sides keeps the whole thing rock solid.

This week I plan to add some logs to the ramps and make some steps. I might buy some long hoses and water and reshape the ramps. I think it'll need a winter of rain and lots of shoveling before it will be rideable but as a run up it's almost ready and as a ride under it's superb, fast and fun.

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Very nice!