Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Golden Mallet!

Drew called in today with a brief report from NACCC Chicago. As you may recall he won the Rickreall Open and a ticket to represent the team. He opted to skip the main race and concentrate on polo. He reported that in an early pick up game crash he suffered a traumatic end of the handlebars blow to the back. We used to call this a core sample, now we call it a Billdozer. Drew shook it off kept playing, and though TW didn't win the tournament, he went on to score 27 goals, averaging 3.375 goals per game and winning the coveted Golden Mallet.

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Anonymous said...

Found this via Stomparillaz via Doom / Chad / Bailey...
Any photo of bici Polo intrigues me, but is the sun really shining out this guys ass?
If our game has become this mainstream, I'm taking up sh*t-kickin.