Monday, September 29, 2008

Veloshop Rickreall Rampage pt. 3

Tiahdactyl was a little hesitant on her first descent but she settled in and completed the race on what proved to be a very tricky course, especially after the first few races. The dirt turned to dust and all the roots were accentuated.

Tiah was always good for a smile.

Caitlin too seemed to keep a positive attitude over the difficult course. That looks like Beefa's shadow at the bottom. In retrospect I should have shot these from the other side, looking at the spectators. Amateur.

Dawn rode well, finishing 2nd in her category.

I hadn't seen Tony Kic all day and then all of a sudden there he was coming over the RWD a little too fast.

He pulled it off, said a polite hello and continued on. 

A friend of Dawn's doing her first race, I didn't catch her name. Every lap Drew offered her a beer and encouragement.

She finally stopped on her last lap.

Possible Team WRECK material.


Tiah said...

nice pics! i like the one of drewski finally getting the lady to have some beer. thanks again for throwing the race. i can't say i actually had fun during it (such is the torture of a cross race), but before and after was a good time! and the over/under was pretty sweet.

Miranda said...

That was the best beer I've ever had! It really helped me lead the back!!!! Wooo Here's to last place!!! Cheers! Drewski!