Saturday, August 11, 2007

A day at the Polk County Fair

Jaden and Uncle Bill discussing the bows J made out of Filbert wood and twine.

There is no corndog quite like a county fair corndog.

That is a sweet tractor.

Nice plumage.

Bill pointed out that this rabbit had a built in pillow. Photo by Jaden.

Photo by Jaden.

A boy and his cow.

Jaden took this and announced "This one's for Dabby"

Photo by Jaden.

Photo by Jaden.

Photo by Jaden.

J and Uncle Cleanhead.
J on the zipper, I felt nauseous just watching.

Our farm really needs a new tractor.

Apparently this is for making corn into silage. Very impressive.

Bill interfacing with a "robot".

Jaden finally worked up the courage to explore the secret room behind the shower.

Photo by Jaden. He found these dessicated remains among other things.


Bigman Shoes said...

What would be more impressive is if that massive tractor could turn corn into corndogs


Anonymous said...

Jaden takes some good pictures! ahem ahem, don't forget to upload pics to flickr, too. also, oh lord, if i had gone to the fair i would've bought that rabbit.