Wednesday, August 08, 2007

If You Were a Terrorist, How Would You Attack?

I spent way too long last night reading comments on the new freakonomics blog on the NY Times. They led with a post asking readers to comment on possible targets and tactics for terrorists. The results were varied to say the least. If I could get comments like these my blog would be a lot more entertaining. Here are a few of my favorites.

Such statements border on treason. If such random acts of violence do occur it is likely that a form of martial law would go into effect and such irresponsible statements even on the internet may be grounds for arrest.

— Posted by earl nielsen

1. Release a couple truckloads of lions, tigers, panthers, etc in various locations in the major cities (NY, LA, Miami, Chicago, Houston, etc…).
2. Hack cable and network broadcasters in a coordination with some violent events (lions, or random snipers etc). Whenever you see this happen in a movie it’s pretty damn scary.
3. Break the internet.
(the above ideas are not meant to be humorous)
— Posted by buster

What a presumptuous, naive and dangerous form of solipsism! It’s not the number of potential terrorists that count, it’s what they do with the information you and your readers serve up in this irresponsible folie a beaucoup. You are a traitor and should be prosecuted for treason.

There are 3 easy ideas.
1. I think it is very easy to set off explosions at baggage claim.
2. Bicycle riders use water bottles and leave them with their bikes on bike racks. Poison the water bottles
3. In the summer American on coastlines visit boardwalk amusements in mass. Set fire to boardwalks.
— Posted by JimBob

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