Thursday, August 23, 2007

If you think bikes are a pain in the ass right now, you wait.

(photo by Jaden)

Dabby forwarded this weird, funny Craig's List rants and raves posting.

Here's what I predict. You know how bikes are supposed to stay right in their lane? Gone. It is being proposed, right now, as I type this, that a cyclist is going to be given a right-of-way to the whole lane they use. This is going to be aimed at deterring the swerve pass. You know how bikes have to stop at red lights? Gone. It is now being proposed that bikes will be obliged to treat lights like a stop sign. That after an initial stop, they are free to proceed regardless of the light. You know how much you like shopping in short SE? Gone. I'd look for Morrison, Belmont, and Hawthorne to become bike-only from SE 52nd west to the river. You know what's going to pay for that don't you? That's right. Gasoline tax. You know how Oregon recently became a no-fault state? Gone. Bike v. Motorist altercations are going to be sorted out like accidents involving a rear-ending. It is going to be, by default, the motorist's responsibility for ANY accidents involving bikes. The youngest and most pro-active of our new city commissioners is an avid cyclist.

If you think bikes are a pain in the ass right now, you wait. In a decade, cars will be second class citizens of the roadway everywhere in this country. Just like you always have been. You are in-line behind the professional drivers, the school busses, the emergency vehicles, hell the funeral procession has more rights than a car driver does. You grudgingly share the road with these people, and you will for bikes too. You have no choice whatsoever, and you know it. THAT is why you are being such dicks about it!

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