Sunday, August 05, 2007

An Excursion to Syncline.

In usual Team WRECK style we got out of town late. We made it to Hood River around noon and collected Mace. He and Junko are nearing completion on the condo project they've been working on. Their reward is a 5 month vacation in Japan and Mexico.

That post isn't going anywhere.

Entering the Krep's Ranch.

Cowboy pointed out this lizard. I wanted to call it a skink, is that right?

View from 2200 feet.

Cowboy on the climb.

Mace was a soldier.

Tough going.

Almost at the top.

I thought the lines on the hills were caused by water runoff but Cowboy thought it was trails made by cows, looking for fresh grass and shade. He's probably right.

Here Cowboy stuffs pine cones and leaves into his tire in lieu of a tube. We both had several weird valve stem related flats. I gave him my spare tube after his first and after his second he stuffed the tire. Then I got another flat and we both walked for a while until he gave me his other tube, which was nice of him, and we headed up the trail only to be told by a helpful hiker that we were going the wrong way. Cowboy threw his bike into a few trees and we proceeded back down. At this point I left the Cowboy, I felt a little guilty but I did give him my tube earlier and I felt confident that if anyone in our party could make it out of these hills it was he. After several more wrong turns, some unnecessary climbing, some high speed descents and another flat tire (1/4 mile from the car so that's fine) I made it back. Much to the joy of my team mates, as I had they key to the car, enabling them access to cold beer, beef jerky, cookies, clean clothes, sandals, etc. It took Cowboy about an hour to make it back but he was in high spirits when he did.

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