Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Enough carrot, more stick!

As commander of Team WRECK I'm considering instituting something like this armband of shame for team members who don't show up for rides after saying they're going to. What do you think, Dabby?


Dabby McCrashalot said...

The way I see it, me not showing up should be a moral booster for the rest of you.

What better for your own mindset than to have a chance to fly down a trail, nothing but close trees and drops in front of you, allowing you to feel fast as shit?

This would never happen with me there, as I would be ahead of you, but just in sight, bouncing at mach something or other through the rocks. The little piece of metal in my rear triangle would be pinging away, reminding you of my every move.

Realistically I should receive some sort of moniker for my sacrifice.

Perhaps calling me "Big Chief Can Whoop Ass" from now on?

Bigman Shoes said...

Dabby says there is poker on Tuesday at the Wizard's Chest. If he does not show up (with money) I'm all for the stick.