Tuesday, August 28, 2007

weekend wrapup

Hola, amigos! Haven't rapped at ya for a while...
I could make some excuse about being busy or my camera batteries being dead but I don't want to sound like Dabby. By the way, Dabby, if you're reading this (and I know you are) please post some of your pictures and video from the weekend, I want to see them on a bigger screen. Update : done and done.
I have to say that for all the bitching I do about "bike culture" I certainly had a fun bike centered weekend. The mustache ride was incredible, then after too little sleep the team hit the dusty trails of Scappoose for a mini-epic. Mary Lou made his triumphant return, cleaning a 3 jump set on the north shore and Drew enjoyed the 'Poose for the first time, at one point exclaiming "Why haven't we been coming here all summer long? Fuck Washington!" I agree, fuck Washington, the 'Poose is where it's at.
As you well know nothing is better after an exhausting mountain bike ride than a little bike polo. We got back so early that polo hadn't started yet but we gave it a kickstart and some spirited games were played. A little too spirited for me in fact, perhaps people are getting amped up for the Westside tournament.

On the way to the Mustache ride.

Self portrait with mustache. That's about 5 days growth. Just enough to make you take a second look and think "eww...creepy"

The start of the 3 legged race. After this my batteries died, which is perhaps for the best, as some of the things I observed later would not be fit for this blog audience. I can tell you that Disco won the beanbag toss, I won foursquare, some guy from Washington DC won best mustache. I can't remember who won the 3 legged race but it was very entertaining. We all won when some nice woman approached us at Laurelhurst park and said "Our picnic is winding down and we still have beer, can you guys help us drain three kegs?" Perfect timing once again.

Tom got these sweet tapes from a free box.

This looked so good that I took a bite before remembering to take a picture.

Do you see that peak in the middle, the fifth layer of mountain? I'm going to ride my bike there soon and get a picture of the farm. Aunt Karen sys it's Dorn Peak, I thought it was Condenser Peak, that's a cooler name.

This is an attempt at being artsy. See how my shadow echoes the form of the house and eucalyptus?


filbert said...

Mmmmm... bacon on maple bar! Now try a peanut butter BLT, which certain members of our family think are insane, but I think are insanely delicious! It's a Eugene thing, I guess.

the-dolomite said...

I don't know, peanut butter and tomatoes? That does seem insane. I have enjoyed peanut butter bacon milkshakes before though. Jaden and Keenan like to dip their bacon in orange juice.