Saturday, August 18, 2007


The long promised Team WRECK t-shirt may finally become reality. I happened to be sitting between C. Murder and Chas as they were discussing Westside shirts. Then Mary Lou made this awesome design with two days notice. It'll be printed on American Apparel shirts at a cost of $6 per.
After much thought and a consultation with Drew I'm going to go against the egalitarian creed espoused by my team name and make them only available to team members for now. A limited edition, like Stumptown t-shirts.
This means I have to define team member, so here goes. If you've been on a mountain bike ride with me in the past year, if you've attended a Death March or if you've played in a polo tournament or raced in an alleycat as Team WRECK then you are a member. If you meet any of these criteria and you want a shirt (or several shirts) please let me know what size. I haven't decided on colors yet but I'm leaning toward Josh's suggestion of dark heather gray with maroon ink, or possibly UPS brown with cream ink. Drew suggested forest green and I've always been partial to pale blue and safety orange. Let me know in the comments or in person what size and color you prefer and I'll try to make it happen.


Rebecca said...

Nice design! Now I'm wishing I had gone mountain biking with you all those times...

For what it's worth, I think you should go with the brown with cream ink combo. Classy.

the-dolomite said...

You know what's funny? If you look closely at the design you'll see that instead of "egalitarian" it says "egalitation" which is not a word. Nobody caught this until 2 days before the westside when Chas was setting up to print the shirts. He was able to change it and still deliver the shirts on time and for a good price. Remember to shop REIGN for all your custom screen printing needs.

The morals are :
Ryan - look closely at anything before you pay lots of money to print it.
Mary Lou - a little spellchecker goes a long way.