Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Beefa's Death March '08

This is either the 2nd or the 5th BDM depending on how you count them. They've all been fun in their own way and this one seems promising. Spence has chosen the destination, somewhere in the coast range. It entails an 8 mile hike uphill to some sort of hut. Details are fuzzy but it looks like a good crew. So far we've had verbal commitments from me, Beefa, Spence, Disco, Mace, Timmy, Sweet T., Magnum, Bjorn, Mark Evans and probably a few others I forgot. If you want to go RSVP with Beefa and meet at his house Saturday by 9am. Beefa swears that we are leaving at 9 sharp and anyone arriving at 9:01 will be left behind...we'll see.

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