Thursday, January 10, 2008

NBA Update

I was going to write a long essay on my love for the Trailblazers but I lack the wherewithal. Instead I'll follow C. Murder's lead and post some amusing video.

Here's Chris Bosh (PF, Toronto Raptors) lobbying for a spot on the all star team. This cracks me up for some reason, I may be simple.

Here's my man G. Od. in the midst of rehab. That dark little pool looks depressing but I'm glad he's working hard. If he comes back strong the Blazers will be unstoppable.

Here are a few of my favorite sporting links.
Blazers Edge
True Hoop
The Sports Guy
Free Darko
Agent Zero
I used to be anti-podcast but I've changed my tune.
The Basketball Jones
When C. Murder told me I had to listen to a Canadian NBA podcast I resisted. Eventually he wore me down and I gave it a try. It's perfect. Quick, snappy, with a solid format, interesting music during the breaks and sometimes witty repartee. Plus their canuck accents are precious.
The Shuttlecoque Sporting Hour
podcast of a KPSU radio show, often very funny.

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