Wednesday, January 23, 2008

That Mushroom Cloud? They’re Just Svejking Around

This article caused me to add the Czech Republic to my list of places to visit in the next 10 years. I like their attitude over there, and the beer. If only the language wasn't so hard to learn...jokes don't always translate well.

“When people make fun of something, they are making themselves free of it,”

“No art was present” in that action, he went on. “It meant a change in the everyday life of everyday people. It didn’t take place in a gallery or museum, it just happened. Like love. You don’t reason why. It just is.”

“It’s more nebulous: important and unimportant at once, not aggressive, light, distant, not black humored. Czechs don’t start revolutions in the streets. We settle things over beer in pubs.”

Thank you Google image search.

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