Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bust a bucket

Huge game for the Trailblazers tonight. It's been a tough series to watch though I have developed a grudging respect for the Rockets. They play great team basketball. I've always rooted for Rick Adelman (Chemeketa Community College, woot!) and Aaron Brooks, due to the Oregon connection. I've also enjoyed (in a masochistic kind of way) the defensive clinic put on by Battier and Artest. I am not a fan, however of Luis Scola and his headband or Yao and his giant pouty face.

These could only be Rudy's kix.

If you're not sure what his shirt means watch this video:

If the season does end tonight at least I can start thinking about ways KP could scheme to land Ricky Rubio in the draft.

All pictures stolen from courtesy of Blazers Edge, the best Blazers blog ever.


VILLARAT said...

Yes we are getting our butts kicked but I think the refs are not in our favor. How many times have you seem Roy foul out? Never! Yao has been in the entire game without foul trouble while our bigs sit on the bench. Now think about the 500 bilion dollars given to US by China, Yao is national pride for the country of China, so much so that they have used this to throw the games in the Rockets favor. Thats my take because there is alot riding on Yao to make it to the western finals, Lakers vs Houston, big money!

Milkshake said...

Fuck Yao. He brings the tourist dollars, just like Ichiro does.
Who I hate is Brooks. And Scola.

Nice work last night though. Holding that lead almost the entire game. Here's hoping they can pull the same thing in Houston tomorrow night.