Thursday, April 02, 2009

mini work party

Dabby came down early for the ride this weekend and we got a little work done in the woods.

I cut the long planned F.A.R.T. Bypass Berminator Berms of Endearment trail and Dabby installed some pump bumps and berms. Despite my constant admonitions of "shorter, shallower, farther apart" I still feel they are too tall, steep and close, but whatever, I learned long ago that no matter what I say Dabby will do it the way he wants and it usually turns out OK. When it doesn't I just change it after he leaves.

This berm is already fun and will only get better.

I finished the Crooked Bridge a few days ago. I'm pretty happy with it, it's wider and lower than the other bridges but it's got some variety to it.
It's also treacherous when wet. I had to try it, made it the first time then slipped right off on the second try. I warned Dabby not to try but of course he did, slipping in the same spot and impaling his thigh on a sharp stump (now removed)(the stump, not his thigh)).

We also put in a little time in the annex as well, digging a small French drain, filling in the pit at the top of the ditchstyle, making two ridgline trails on top of the berms, and riding it a bunch when it dried out in the afternoon.


mace said...

very nice!

Cory said...

dang sorry i missed it but the coast was calling... next time.