Monday, April 27, 2009

a walk around the woods

The lime truck was speeding around this morning.

Unexpected colors.

I gave Dabby free reign to rework the Sarlac section, thinking he couldn't make it any worse.

They limed our bumps!

Do you see the cat in the middle? There must be a lot of feral cats around, I see them almost everyday and it's always a different one.

This oak transplant is a survivor. Can you believe it's three years old? Every year I think it's dead but it always comes back strong.

I've planted quite a few chestnuts from B&K's old tree. This is the first that survived the squirrels and sprouted. Of course it's 2 feet from where I planted a fir tree so one will have to go.

Future site of the Fern Berm. I just need 20 wheelbarrow loads of dirt.

Can anyone name this flower for me?

The raccoons may have won a battle by eating all the fish and shredding the top part of the liner but the war is not over. Plans are in the notebook for a new, re-engineered and raccoon proof pond.


filbert said...

The flower with the crazy checkerboard is Fritillaria meleagris, the Checkered Fritillary.

plankface said...

damn! mom beat me to it.

i can attest to how hardy chestnuts are w/r/t transplanting, tho; we've dug ours up and moved it about five times and it's sprouting like a weed this spring.