Thursday, April 09, 2009

Guest Post : Rev. Phil

Listen WRECKers, I gotta come clean.

I was a pretty sizeable (as in fat kid) Blazer fan during my adolescence. My heart was broken and I stayed away from most pro ball since

For the next 6months every time I watched a clip of basketball somehow the editors found a reason to include Jordan's "who me?" shrug.

This was the beginning of the end for my ability to stay sane. What happened afterward might be a little contentious. Was it the new arena? Was it a new coach? for whatever reasons something changed and the Blazers were a different team. One that I had decided to turn my back on.

Either way ive been broken since the early 90s. and i know im not alone! Does anyone else hear the sting of hopelessness in Steve the Snapper Jones' voice when talking about how good the blazers were playing against the Lakers? Even the cheezy feel good music cant stop the pain:

Nice try Mr Jones, just how big of a pillow do you cry yourself to sleep on?


I guess this is more relevant:

I want to be able to watch the Blazers and not think murderous thoughts. This is Sweet-T Birthday weekend. Maybe this Friday against the Lakers I can get my introspective psychology on in a way that doesn't leave me trying to bury myself under a berm. Besides bodies don't pack as well as dirt.

Does anyone need some Duckworth-era memorabilia? I feel the need to purge my fan-boy corpse of some posters and things.

reverend phil
bike pornographer


revphil said...

dude! formatting!

someone hit this post with the Carriage Return!

the-dolomite said...


John said...

Carriage return...

That is so Smith and Carona.

the-dolomite said...

“Nicolas Batum, Mr. Smooth,” said Outlaw. “You see him, when he block a shot or something, he look out at the crowd. And I’m like, ‘OK Nic, swag on out on ‘em!’ He just Mr. Smooth, the kid from France.”

revphil said...

"I think he showed a little bit of emotion right there at the end but other than that, just cool man swag.”"

who will dominate this weekend? who will rise to the challenge of cool man swag?

yes, dolomite that is much better thanks!

Anonymous said...

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