Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Mace has some good pictures from the farm on his Flickr page.

I hadn't checked the SSWC Durango page in a while, lots of updates!
spends much of his time roosting greater Europe and considers it “a great place to ride over historic places”
I'm planning on driving out in September if anyone wants to reserve a seat it's a $50 deposit unless your name rhymes with Gabby McSmashalot in which case the deposit is $500 but you're still welcome.

I finally signed up for HomeExchange. I still have to add pictures and the text is a little rough, I was trying to follow the tone of the other ads and sell the strengths of the property, let me know if you have any suggestions. I know I'll have to clean, replace some light fixtures, pack stuff away, etc. but if this nets me a summer at a chalet in the Alps it's worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Van we get our money back if Con Jambell convinces his parents to give him 500 dollars?