Monday, May 11, 2009

the good life

Once again I waited a little too long to harvest the morels. Quite a few were melted but there were some giants left.

They were super pungent to me from across the room, I can't imagine how it was for Natty.

A nice haul from the Polk County Master Gardener's sale at the fairgrounds and the Independence farmer's market. In a late bid to revitalize the herb garden I picked up cinammon basil, Vietnamese coriander and something labeled "7-Up plant" that really does smell like lemon and lime.

Also a delicious mushroom and garlic ciabbatta from The Bread Board, out of Falls City. A little chatting up also got me the secret business card with directions and news that they'll be offering wood fired pizza on the weekends to lure the apres Blackrock crowd.

Coolest album cover ever?

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plankface said...

the answer is YES