Thursday, May 28, 2009

Westside Invite 9 part 4

I found a few more photos from the Westside weekend...

Esra and her "crazy" face.

Timmy hydrating.

It's a good sign if you can flash the horns at the last stop of an alleycat. By this point I would be drooling and talking to myself.

Guy claims he got this tattoo in Portland after Team Wreck beat Team Skirt at the first Westside tournament.

She had a good sprint.

I heard Keo killed it in the freestyle. I opted to miss it in favor of deep fried calamari, fish tacos, Stella Artois and good company.

Timmy won the trackstand again. Good to see him get a little glory, the main race sounded brutal.

Celebration time. Mt. Ranier looked a lot bigger in person. Anarchy point was an awesome venue for the afternoon but I always feel a little nervous hanging out at a superfund site for an extended period. I don't think the hill we were sitting on was made of dirt.

I spotted this signed Cannibal jersey at the warehouse space shared by Moebius Cycles.

Someone's quiver. Heavy on the Colnago, Masi and trials. One road bike was buried and I hope it was intended as a joke, a really old bonded Vitus with really old Spinergys. Unsafe at any speed.


Puzzling out the manifest at Hat and Boot park.

Kickstands are the new tarck bikes.

Watch out for this one.

She will scalp you.

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