Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Westside Invite 9

Best Westside ever. Big thanks to Justine the Machine for driving me up there, Esra and David for all their hospitality and all the Seattleites that made the event so smooth and fun.
This weekend I tried out the Dabby Method of photography, taking a million random shots, and came up with a few that might be worth sharing so expect a multi part post.

Road trip!
Esra and David, without a doubt the most adorable Turkish/Hawaiian punk couple I have ever had the pleasure of staying with.

I've noticed that these days I have a choice between having fun and RACING and I opted for the fun, working an alleycat checkpoint at Hat and Boots park in Georgetown. And by "working" I mean laying in the grass with snacks and drinks and doing some light heckling.

Plus we took glamour shots.

We had some local kids helping us out. This one was a punk, I had to wrassle him down at one point. I dig his hat though, is this a new urban trend I'm unaware of? Stuffed animals with the guts cut out worn on the head?

David dispenses a little park justice.

Guy and the LA crew showed up and helped with the heckling.

After the time trial we headed over to a superfund site known as Anarchy Point and found the large Portland crew including Tom. He got a sunburn on the spot where his bag normally is.

I've met this guy at least 10 times and I still can't remember his name. What is wrong with me? Anyway, Shigeo, he's from Japan, has a sexy bike and can skid really well.

That seems like the ideal skid. It's becoming less about skidding and more about attempting high speed nose manuals.

Which is cool but doesn't always work out.


revphil said...

pick smatter!

keep em coming.

esra said...

Ahhh, last weekend was so much fun as much as I remember :)) It was really nice to see Justine and to meet you!
We worked sooooo hard (on the bloody marys)at the check point that I am sure we were more tired than people racing...
Uhm, and his name is Shigeo..