Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sunnyside Environmental School 7th grade field trip

My vehicle group. We had a great time once some ground rules were accepted.
A main topic of conversation was my Ipod and why it sucked.
Left to right leaving Jaden out,
Adam : not enough metal, limited Sabbath and Maiden, need more Priest etc.
Brody : Somewhat more reserved, Brody proffered his own CD which was all mid-80s schlock, heavy on the Bon Jovi. I often felt Brody was making fun of me in subtle ways. He may be cooler than me already. Shit.
Isaac : not enough funk, no disco, quotes : "That's all the Stevie Wonder you have?" "Are you racist?"
The only common ground was, surpisingly, "1234" by Feist. After the first time it became traditional to cue it up full volume before every longish bridge, roll down all the windows and scream along with the lyrics. Good times.

My cabin group. Somehow I got stuck with the cool kids. Nearly every second of our "cabin time" was a jam session. Two guitars, a bass, garbage cans and brooms for percussion and Lee's vocal stylings. He had the campfire in stitches but saved his best material for the cabin. I recorded one song in garage band if I can figure out an easy way to post it here I will.

At the Columbia Maritime Museum. Way better than I expected. I'd love to go back and spend a whole afternoon there. A few of the old guys acting as docents seemed super interesting and I'd love to ask them a million questions.

Real or statue?

This figurehead, which may or may not be Lord Admiral Nelson, was found washed up on a nearby beach.

Mmmm, sushi.
The whale skeleton at Long Beach.

Beach sculpture by Junior

The kids at Waikiki Beach.

At the North Head Lighthouse. Another interesting volunteer that I wanted more time with. I did learn that the light had only been extinguished twice, Dec. 7, 1941 and one other earlier time when they were concerned about a British attack. Also I learned the horizon was 20 miles away at the top of the lighthouse. I've always heard from boat level (sea level I guess) the horizon is 7 miles away. Is there an easy formula that correlates height above sea level in feet to visual horizon in miles?

Self portrait with wind.

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MD said...

Very nice. Cant see the wind, good self portait. LOve the museum in Astoria! I took Junko's parents there a couple years ago and had a good time. There is a great food cart by it that has great chowder. I luv Astoria.