Thursday, May 07, 2009

Rickreall Open 2009

June 12-14

I'm changing things around a little this year. No flyers, for one thing, so maybe it'll be smaller (or at least not bigger). Also I'm charging a $10 per car parking fee. No charge if you ride here.

I'm also slimming the competition aspect down in the interest of participation and getting everything done in a timely fashion. This year it's a biathalon. $5 gets you into both events and the winner gets the pot or $100 cash whichever is more.

Road Race - Noon on Sunday.
A 15 mile loop through the Eola Hills. See the map with elevation here. Neutral start for the first mile. The start line is the stop sign at Farmer Rd. and Oak Grove Rd. King of the Mountains bonus points will be available at the top of the Orchard Heights and Eagle Crest, at 3.2 and 10.5 miles. I hope to have a caravan or at least one vehicle to take pictures, hand out water and note the top 3 on the climbs.

Time Trial - The 2.4 Minutes of Rickreall - anytime, one official attempt each day.
How many laps of the Berms of Endearment mini loop can you do in 2 minutes 25 seconds?

I'm sure many of the traditional side competitions will still take place, just organized by people other than me. For instance Mace may announce he's having a bocce ball tournament, it's $1 to enter, winner takes all. Or Phil could host a speed scrabble game that is free to enter and the winner gets a signed picture of him doing something nasty to a bike.

And of course count on the usual debauchery. Dance parties, ditchstyle, fire jumping, exotic beverages, tree climbing, midnight mystery rides etc.


gabrielamadeus said...

Sounds awesome! Course it is the opening weekend of pedalpalooza, world naked bike ride, bike porn debut...

the-dolomite said...

Thanks for the comment but please keep in mind the Rickreall Open is not a "celebration of bike culture", just a party with some bike riding involved.
So if anyone feels a need to ride down on a tall bike wearing a dress made of old tubes, please don't. Go to Pedalpalooza instead.

mace said...

Funny! Hey Ryan, I'm still bringing the records down and gear, hopefully its appreciated. Maybe milkypants wants to bring some records and of course all those little ipods, I have a jack for them aswell. So yep, good times to be had, was the case this last trip, always @ your place. Maybe a shelter thing can be there so no melting of records and or rain?

Milkshake said...

I've got some danceable records that might make it down with me.

I am for sure riding down. Because it's fun and stuff.

eatme said...

i am also for sure riding down cos it is fun and stuff, like jason said. i believe disco is planning on doing the same. i have lots of records, but i trust that mace will grab a nice selection of tunes.

the-dolomite said...

I've been informed my comment on bike culture might have been construed as mean spirited when in fact it was an attempt at humor.
Anyone is welcome regardless of what they ride or wear. Thank you.

cranberrysauce said...

Well to hell with this pc shit! If you cant be funny on your own blog rk that fuck em! I look forward to your party every year, even though I miss pedalpalooza and what ever.
To eatme, who ever you are and to shake, I can bring your records down so you can contribute your music to the party. I would like to ride down as well but its nice to come down with some fun things for everyone to enjoy, yes?

josh m said...

How much extra for a trailer and utv quad? ;)

the-dolomite said...

One million dollars. Sorry but the trails are pretty much bicycle only at this point.

revphil said...

actually wearing any clothes while biking (even bike tub dresses) is strictly forbidden this weekend in portland.


the-dolomite said...

Keep your pants on, Phil. Please.

I'll be in town Thursday and Friday and will bring your tiles, along with the Kid's Sugoi saw, Milkshake's tent, pad and sleeping bag, Lucky Pierre's handlebar bag, and the The Ringer's rack.