Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Holy shit, I got a sponsor!

The Rickreall Open presented by the Rickreall Mini Mart.

The Rickreall Quik-E-Mart presented by Team Wreck?

Either way my man Steve who runs the Mart has agreed to be a sponsor. We haven't finalized the terms, maybe 10% off beer for those that mention the RO, maybe some coozies and expired jerky, who knows?
The Mart has experienced some tough times recently with the economic slowdown and the recent failure of the main cooler and installation of the new coolers. Steve seems a little worried about the Mart's continued existence which makes me worried.
So if possible please stop at the Mart on the way to the Rickreall Open.
If you're riding down 99W keep going past Farmer Rd. and into Rickreall then take Rickreall Rd. east to Greenwood Rd. and cross the highway.
If you're driving follow 22 past Greenwood Rd. take the next exit and head south.

I suggested he stock up on PBR and High Life. If you have any special requests please leave them in the comments and I will relay them.


the-dolomite said...

Looking at the picture I realize the readerboard has been the same for years and makes no sense.
I bet if I offered to man the ladder I could make it read "Rickreall Open - www.teamwreck.com"
Or something. Please leave your suggestions in the comments.

revphil said...

"We're drunk on low prices"

In-store shotgunners special: drink the entire 6-pack before you get to the counter and clean up the aisle for free!

ill keep the terrible ideas flowing as long as i can type.

Milkshake said...

I'm going to be riding down with my trailer which means if we need to take a nice ride for beer, I can haul it back!