Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mini Super Work Party

Another mini super work party this weekend, this one focusing on the loop known as the Berms of Endearment, or the BORAT.

Choose your weapon.
photo by Mace

Natty has mostly learned to stay out of trail, though she loves to lay in the freshly dug, cool dirt.

Dabby deployed some guerilla geometry. We measured from entry to exit points, halved it and used twine describe the sweep of the berms. When B&K stopped by we learned that we were employing the "constant radius" I'm sure it was invented by Archimedes or Ptolomey or someone. Whatever, it still works.

Jaden losing control.

Crashing builds character, right?

Mace and Jaden focusing in.

This was a record setting attempt for sure, especially considering no one had ever attempted a 2 person wheelbarrow race around the BOE trail before.

I could see this becoming a popular and dangerous event at the Open this year.

The end of a delicious sandwich made by Jaden. Mustard seed salami from the Overseas Taste Market at 63rd and Holgate, on whole wheat with Tillmook cheddar, mayo, horseradish mustard, tons of spinach and a few miced jalepenos. Perfect.

Watch out, zombies.
Photo by Mace.

We took a few football breaks.
Photo by Mace.

An early test ride of the fern berm.

Mace at night.
A few mellow laps at night.

Party's over.


Milkshake said...

Looks like a fun time. Bummed I missed it. Looking forward to riding down in June.

Cory said...

excellent crash sequence!