Monday, July 30, 2007

Artifacts from Rickreall

Part of Dabby's birdwatching list.

Speed Scrabble, the official word game of Team WRECK.

The official snack of Team WRECK.

Jaden goes for the sleeper hold.

Keenan retaliates with an arm bar.

This bullfrog moved into my pond.

We never did find that other green bocce ball.


Dabby McCrashalot said...

Great pics. It was a fun wind down weekend at the farm.

I would like to take credit for the scrabble photo, I took it on Ryan's camera as a surprise for him.

Also the "still life with beer and Ritz" was taken by me too.

They both looked so delicious sitting there together.

the-dolomite said...

Yeah, don't you hate it when someone posts your pictures without giving you credit?