Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Get your own subculture, this one's mine.

So I heard the Mercury alleycat was fun. Sharky and Damien got first and second, which is great as they're both actual messengers and super nice guys. At this point I would go back to ignoring the Mercury and their alleycats except someone linked to me from a comments page. Reading through the comments reminded me of why I try not to read comment pages. Except of course the comments on this web site, where I treasure each as if it were a precious newborn.


foodcycle said...

its all about the ads on the sidebar... rkelly are you in cohoos with velveteria?

my memory sucks. is there a history of police intervention into/preventing allycats?

the-dolomite said...

No connection. I toured through the Dolomite mountains years ago and thought that would be a cool nickname. But apparently you don't get to choose your own nickname and now I am forever associated with an alleged sex criminal.

Real alleycats are run under the radar, like without a quarter page ad in the Mercury. When we've had official events the cops have always been cool as far as I know. When we hosted the NACCC we had to pay two bike cops to hang out on the course but they were low key and friendly.