Tuesday, July 17, 2007

RO4 pt. 2

Here are some more images from the open. Maybe I'll add witty captions later. I might even work on some "results". The scorecard was lost Saturday night so they might be a little vague. I do know that Dabby won Bocce Ball, Tiah won Speed Scrabble and they tied at Wine Tasting. Mace won Fire Jumping by clearing Gideon but The Kid got bonus points for jumping in filp flops. Ditch Style was more of an exhibition this year but I recall that Mace got big air, Dabby got a little air, I got microscopic air and crashed a lot and Jaden dropped in again and again with varying results. Kelly and The Ringer tied in Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby. There were a lot of events we didn't get around to. Almost everyone rode down so they came in late and left early and didn't bring polo bikes or mallets. Jaden and Dabby both turned in good birdwatching results. Beefa did a little birdwatching as well and also scored well in the Beer Bungie.
I'll upload more photos tomorrow, including the fire jump, naked and otherwise.

Sharky works on the tattoo gun.

Every one of these rules was violated at some point during the weekend.

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