Thursday, July 19, 2007

RO4 pt.3

Here are the last of the good photos, except the one of Tommy's naked jump. You can't really see anything but I should probably get his permission before posting it, so you'll have to wait for that one.

Snuggle Pony was in fine form.

If the Rootbeer Schnapps are out it must be midnight in Rickreall, and almost time for Ditch Style.

What do you think this is, the Country Fair?

Mace, king of the firejump.

The Kid rocks it in flip flops.

I didn't time this one right but Mace said he liked it as it illustrated how far he had to jump.

He was in the wrong gear and barely made this one.


Bigman Shoes said...

Is that Gideon lying in front of the fire to add depth and excitment to the fire jumping and what did he do to deserve such a punishment?

the-dolomite said...

Tht is indeed Gideon and he volunteered of his own free will, though he may or may not remember doing it.