Monday, July 09, 2007

Capsule Reviews

Trail Review : Bell's Mountain

We went back again, mostly for the great swimming at Moulton Falls. Unlike last time the trail was dry and fast. We still had to walk 80% of the first climb but the downhills were worth it. I didn't crash at all and led on several descents, which was gratifying. We only went as far as the first helicopter bridge, maybe 2 hours up and 1 hour back, but it was intense the whole way.

Timmy and the volcano.

A little brown snake.

One good thing about clearcuts is they produce views. In one of the clearcuts Drew spotted another Giant Land Beaver lodge. Timmy told us the clearcuts were actually produced by cranes, trucks and even helicopters,. That doesn't make any sense, though. I don't think any beaver could operate that kind machinery, no matter how giant. Timmy has some pretty weird ideas sometimes.

Toast Review : Cinnabon
As you well know I am a huge fan of toast. Especially cinnamon raisin toast. So when Roth's was sold out of Sunmaid Raisin bread I took a flyer on this new "Cinnabon" bread.
My first impression was good, nice thick slices, decent aroma. As I engaged my trusty Dualit I looked over the label. "Ciannmon Bursts"...I'm not a huge fan of things that burst with the exception of water balloons. The ingredients also featured lots of artificial flavors and somthing that seemed like a made up word and had a "tm" after it. Metreax? Metral? I don't know but it made me think of some genetically modified organism designed to burst with flavor. Anyway even with a liberal application of butter the toast was dry and bad. It's in the freezer now, but I'm sure it will be gleefully consumed during the Rickreall Open next weekend.

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