Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lunchtime Dos and Don'ts

In the spirit of Vice Magazine's Dos and Don'ts I offer my own less funny critique of the fashion and lack thereof found on la playa on a Tuesday from 11:30 to 12:15.

Don't. I admire the dedication but that is just too much hair.

Do. I like the rattlesnake t-shirt, and just like the rattler's tail this whole ensemble screams "don't mess with me".

Do. Several of my lunch companions classed her as a Don't, and I agree the shoes are terrible...maybe it was the windblown look that got me.

Do. This old guy has been shambling around downtown as long as I have. Always with an unlit cigar and sometimes with an eyepatch, two excellent accessories.

DO. I like spunky old ladies that wear purple and have matching hats. They reminded me of that old lady gang from the Monty Python skit.

Do. I keep expecting Ayla to burst into song.

Don't. Love the Chanel glasses but the weiner dog and self induced wedgie have to go.

Do. Timmy's wardrobe is highly functional, saying , in effect, "I have nothing left to prove".

Do. With a smile like that Tom can wear whatever he wants.

Do. I took this pic of Timmy's Banh Mi by accident . He let me have a bite, it was excellent and only $3.00.

Don't. Rent-a-cops on Segways. Your tax dollars at work.

Don't. Sorry Lance, I like your pony hat but braids in the beard are a big time don't.

Don't. She thinks she looks terrific, and that's all that really matters, right?

Don't. Get a haircut, hippie.

Do. Much better.

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